About Realty

Started in 1994 at very low profile & prepared with hard efforts to be a part of the real estate industry & has been established since 1996 in Mumbai (Business Capital of India) & doing well with co-operation of our esteemed clients.


» Proper guidance / assistance in finding an idle place as per requirement.
» Negotiation in terms of financial transaction at the realistic market value.
» Providing legal documentations, Title Clearance, Stamping, Registration & Tax related matters under the guidance of professionals.
» Proper guidance for loans from the financial institutions, Nationalized Banks or other Banks.
» Proper guidance / assistance in investment in fresh, Pre-leased property or property under construction.
» Proper covenant with the Society for Redevelopment or to Development of open plots.

» Comprehend the Customers & their Requirements.
» We understand this better than most and so are in a position to get you just the space you are looking for.
» Advice & Guidance with Experience & Knowledge.
» Preparation, Execution & Completion.

» We Create Happiness.
» Business for Pleasure, Prosperity & Strength.

» We believe in those commitments which neither goes neither false nor unfulfilled..
» Less commit more deliver.

» Confidence: Believe in our selves.
» Efforts: We always put efforts to do better things & aid our customers to reach their desire.
» Aspiration: Client’s Satisfaction.
» Objective: To complete a deal in better way for our all the clients since we know that finding a good patron takes long but it takes a very minute to lose one.